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The Todo List, that follows you everywhere you go

Easy to use and yet powerful. Your todos can be optimally managed with to-do-go. But we don't want to write at length, just see the following interactive example for yourself to experience how easy to-do-go is to use.
Todo Description
Here you can add optional notes to your todo list
Click a task in order to mark is as completed. Click it again to mark it as aborted. Another click will reset to the initial state.
This task has been marked as completed
This task has been marked as aborted
You can find a menu with properties and actions on the upper right corner of each todo
Click on the todo tab containing the date to fold the to-do list, click again to unfold it again
In this todo list done tasks are hidden automatically 2 seconds after marking them. You can toggle this display mode in the upper right todo menu. Click on this task to see it for yourself.
Overdue Todo List
This todo list is overdue and therefore has a red colored date
In this todo list done tasks are hidden automatically 2 seconds after marking them. You can toggle this display mode in the upper right todo menu. Click on this task to see it for yourself.
Mark all the tasks in a list to make the date green
When all tasks of a todo list are marked as done, the configured follow-up action will be performed automatically, for example moving the todo list to the archive or deleting it the following day.

And now?

You can create any number of todos like these in any own grouping as soon as you are logged in. All you need for a login is a facebook account. Then you can start right away and without any detours. to-do-go is absolutely free of charges and financed solely by unobstrusive ads.

What awaits you?

With to-do-go you will be able to easily create and manage todo lists, without ever forgetting anything again. Just check it out. If you dislike to-do-go contrary to our expectations, you can delete your profile immediately and it would be as if you had never been here. And in case you like to-do-go: feel welcome :-)

Why using to-do-go and not any other todo/task management tool?

What makes to-do-go so special is that your data isn't saved on your local device but on a central server. That allows you to access your todo lists from anywhere, not only bound on a specific device. All you need is an internet access on your mobile device, in an internet cafe, at work or at home.

Additionally the cloud based solution enables shareability of todo lists amongst other persons or groups. No matter if used as shopping list within your household or to coordinate work in a society, to-do-go will help you to get shared things done.

Which features are still missing and are up to come?

Currently we work on a more complex sharing management for todo lists within organizations like associations. Above that we are working on a system that allows users to submit public todo list proposals that you can use as base for own customization. Additionally we are planning a mobile app for notifications of changes of other persons in shared todo lists. These features will be upcoming the following months, one by another

How good is mobile support?

You can test this quite easily yourself. to-do-go is responsive, so you can just reduce the size of your browser window and you will immediately see what to-do-go looks like on a smart phohne or tablet depending on the screen size.

You have found an error?

If you find a bug, especially if it's a not so oviously one that we might not find it ourself soon, please let us know by using the contact form, and we will have a priorized look at this. And if you have proposals for us, that could improve to-do-go, please also let us know, also typos or grammatical imperfection. Nothing is more annoying than small subtle inconsistencies that spoil the fun of live. We can not of course fulfill every request, but we would love to be inspired by your ideas and wishes. Plese also have in mind that we are native German speakers, so if you find inappropriate English phrasing, we would love to learn how it would sound better.